Broken English


Demystifying Decolonization Through the Power of Narrative

Edited by Ravista Mehra (she/her)
All Authors: Aakriti Khurana, Anonymous, Ananya Indwar, Betty Brunfaut, Clem Rousset, Ingrid Nelson, Mairi Millar, Ravista Mehra, Sanjana Sarna, Sarah Hadianti, Sia Mehta . Illustrator: Paridhi Mundra

Broken English is a publication that celebrates stories of raw cultural identities, told in non-standard forms of English, as spoken by international residents of the world. This collection of stories is an effort to get stories from people whose story may never have been told before, either because they didn’t think it was important to tell or because others didn’t think it important to listen or read. It is the smaller, personal, seemingly insignificant stories that have the power to humanise, empower and repair the broken dignity of a larger people or place.

Size: 12 booklets – A5

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