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Sold Out publishing attempts to diversify and decolonise, we publish underrepresented references in the field of graphic design. We do this by publishing toolkits, essays, manifestos, exercise books and many other multi-faceted mediums. We're Sold Out, but you can be too!

BOOK Tough On Crime. Colouring book.

By Morgan Markey (she/her)

Tag: Art book, Racial violence

Date: June 2020

Price: Sold Out

Description: In the colouring book “Tough On Crime,” Morgan Markey addresses institutional and inherent racism by subverting the idea of a traditional children’s colouring book. Outlined in this colouring book are images taken from current events that depict police brutality in the United States. Alongside the publication, Morgan provides both a lighter and darker skin toned marker to fill in the images. The reader is left to decide who in the image has lighter skin and who has darker skin. By making these assumptions, the reader is faced to reconcile with their own inherent racism and biases due to the social and political environment we live in, where black people continue to be abused and murdered at the hands of law enforcement.

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